Through connecting thinking, doing, and learning, complex problems can be solved.

Welcome at Lamers Urban Policy Consulting, a company specialised in finding solutions for complex issues in urban areas. Complex because of the multitude of problems and complex because of the multitude of stakeholders that usually are involved in the response to these problems. Lamers Urban Policy Consulting works on urban regeneration, specifically on issues associated to the social pillar of urban policy. Lamers Urban Policy Consulting advises, implements policies, carries out research, and organises tailor-made innovative approaches in a European context. Based in The Netherlands, Lamers Urban Policy Consulting participates in networks active in eight different countries. The focus of Lamers Urban Policy Consulting is on youth and other residents in the neighbourhood. Our expertise especially lies in merging prevention, care, and repression, and combining approaches that may appear contradicting at the first-sight. By being sensitive in this field and by recognising the opportunities in those specific situations, Lamers Urban Policy Consulting usually creates synergy that has not been there before. On this website you will find information about us, what we think, and what we do. Curious or questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us.